A natural stone benchtop will bring the pure beauty and vitality of nature into your home to refresh and enhance your kitchen decor. Natural colouration blends with and complements every colour and shade imaginable, and pure materials will lend new luster and appeal to the manufactured elements of your interior design.

Which stone is best for kitchen benchtops, you may be wondering? While engineered stone, laminates and other composite materials are in popular use today for creating updated kitchen style modes, nothing surpasses the sleek, elegant appearance of benchtops formed of natural stone. Especially when you consider the myriad colours and pattern variations found in naturally occurring stone formations, your choices are virtually endless for acquiring the ideal stone to make a stunning benchtop to brighten and enhance your new kitchen interior, making it the best stone for kitchen benchtops.

Your Lovely Stone Benchtop Will Brighten and Enliven Your Kitchen Design

When you select a handsome new kitchen benchtop of natural granite, marble or quartz, you will gain many aesthetic and practical advantages, such as the following:

• Granite. – Natural granite offers beautiful colour variations and combinations in either bold or subtle surface patterns. This attractive stone is quite durable. However, because it is porous, your benchtop should be sealed well before use to ensure protection of its surfaces against food and beverage stains.

Although granite resists scarring and scratching, if it is properly sealed, your attractive new benchtop will retain its initial smooth, glowing surface during long-term use. Many natural stone experts recommend frequent resealing of granite surfaces in kitchens as added protection of their surface beauty.

• Marble. – Although usually more costly than granite, natural marble slab for your new kitchen benchtop will bring ageless style and elegance to your culinary preparation areas. Its amazing array of colour gradations and intricate veining patterns make this distinctive stone a leading element of beauty in kitchen interiors of all fashion modalities.

Since marble is more porous than granite and many other natural stones, sealing it well before use in your kitchen is essential for optimal upkeep of your benchtop. Colour and pattern texturing in marble can be even more intricate than in granite, which makes marble suitable for combining with virtually any material, hue or finish of your other kitchen decor elements.

• Quartz. – Quartz is currently high on the popularity list of ideal natural materials for a new kitchen benchtop installation. This very practical choice is a non-porous product that will not need sealing before or during use in even the busiest of kitchens. Technically, although quartz is commonly referred to as a natural stone, it is actually an engineered stone made by mixing different types and sizes of quartz crystals with pigments and resin.

The result is an attractive material that is manufactured from natural mineral formations and other natural components to form a man-created, stone-like product. However, quartz is usually grouped with marble and granite in building supply displays and interior decor showrooms, so most people think of it as a naturally occurring stone. Quartz is also both heat and stain resistant, and it is more cost-effective than both marble and granite for use in kitchen decor.

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