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Welcome to MSM Stone, where passion and craftsmanship converge to create exquisite stone products. As Melbourne’s premier stone masonry company, we push design boundaries to enchant our valued clients.

With decades of combined expertise, collaborating with elite stone suppliers, designers, builders, and developers, our skilled stone masons across Melbourne can bring your dreams into reality. Envision captivating stone wall panelling, stunning kitchen benchtops, refined stone tables, and lavish fireplace cladding.

Using top-tier materials, excellence defines our stone masonry services in Melbourne. Trust our gifted artisans to enhance your home or business with exclusive and alluring stonework.



Beautiful and Luxurious Stone Masonry Projects

MSM Stone delivers versatile uses for stone with such possibilities as a traditional stonemason kitchen bench top, porcelain benchtops and cladding, commercial stonework and custom design and manufacture. We work with marble, granite, porcelain, Dekton, Neolith and a range of reconstructed stones.

MSM Stone creates a sense of luxury in any project by bringing in the raw, organic material of stone. Besides its stunning features, our stone is durable and guaranteed to last.

Located on the southeastern side of Melbourne, our factory manufacturing facilities allow us to create custom designs, keeping all of our services to be developed in-house.

With combined decades of experience and working in unison with the top-tier stone suppliers, developers and builders, MSM Stone executes each project with passion and care both for quality and our customers.

Not only do we ensure quality with all our work, but we also consider environmental factors alongside aesthetics. Due to our strong relationships with suppliers, we are made aware of and select stone that bears in mind the limited natural resources. In addition, MSM Stone uses machinery and equipment at the forefront of technology to ensure that what waste is created is significantly limited.

We know the level of quality we provide every customer with as we guarantee manufacturing and installation.

Timeless Innovation

& Exquisite Craftsmanship

Innovation meets tradition as we blend cutting-edge technology with time-honoured hand stone masonry techniques. Our talented stone masons embrace luxury, offering an opulent selection of materials, from marble, porcelain, and granite to reconstituted stones like Dekton and Neolith.

With no project too grand or modest, our work consistently surpasses even the loftiest of expectations. The unwavering precision and commitment to excellence of our dedicated stone masons ensure every endeavour is executed flawlessly.

The Art Of Stonecraft

Our Stone Masonry Services

Immerse yourself in a world of luxurious possibilities, where stunning stone countertops, porcelain walls and fireplaces await. Whether it be a commercial or residential project, stone masonry elevates the aesthetic appeal of your space.

At MSM Stone, we collaborate with clients and designers to select stones that not only aesthetically enhance the space but also withstand the test of time. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.


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