MSM Stone


With a passion for unique and quality craftsmanship and innovation, MSM Stone is the leading stonemasonry company in the industry. With decades of combined artisan experience, our skilled team will skillfully bring your design vision to life no matter how small or great; our stonework will always exceed your expectations.




Whether you are undertaking a new build or renovating an existing kitchen, we know a stunning stone benchtop is on every builder and renovators wish list. We offer an extensive range of stylish and durable stone options that will make a statement and add value to your home or development.

Stone is there to make a statement; it’s truly every renovator’s dream. Being the perfect mix of a timeless design that compliments durability, it’s guaranteed to last while maintaining its style. MSM stone is a standout feature and will truly, add value to any property.

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Porcelain Benchtops

and Cladding

Stone is an ideal choice for wall cladding, emanating warmth, comfort and the feeling of bringing nature inside. A durable surface, resistant to heat, stains and scratches, stone cladding is a must for your next project.

A versatile option, the stone is a beautiful choice for wall cladding. Combining elements of a natural surface inside and combining it with everyday living. It is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches and durable. It is the perfect choice for all projects.

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A MSM stone benchtop is a superb way to add some class to your business, giving you a professional-looking and durable bar that will suit any space. Available in a range of materials, colours, finishes and sizes, a MSM stone benchtop is guaranteed to exceed all expectations.

Showcase your level of sophistication with our commercial stonework. Available in a range of colours, finishes, and sizes to suit all types of spaces, giving the feeling that it was made for the space. MSM commercial stonework is impervious and made to be worn in.

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Custom Design

And Manufacture

A stone vanity unit is one of the most stylish additions you can make to your bathroom, giving it hotel quality in your own home. MSM Stone vanities are available in a wide range of styles and materials to match any new or existing bathroom.

Redefine your bathroom space with a stone vanity unit, adding a sense of luxe within your home. Available in an extensive range of styles and materials to match existing styles or be matched with a newer look.

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