Premium Stone Wall Cladding For Unique Design

Stone cladding is an affordable stone building facade that instantly elevates homes, commercial properties, workspaces and more. Working with our trusted partners across Australia, discover the difference of stone wall cladding for your building at an affordable price too good to resist.

Make your wall a statement with stone cladding from MSM Stone, available in all kinds of styles, sizes and materials.

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    Exquisite Living Room Interior Stone Wall Cladding

    How often do walls blend into the background… and who said they should? At MSM Stone, we believe in pushing the boundaries of art and architecture, and our range of natural stone materials for interior and exterior wall cladding meet perfectly in the middle. Stone cladding is a stylish, durable solution to statement-making walls that instantly elevate any interior space.

    Achieve a contemporary vision for your living room with our sustainably sourced stone wall cladding. Or, keep it cool with stone cladding for kitchen walls and bathroom interiors, to bring that sophisticated touch that reminds of luxury hotels and brings true relaxation into your own property. 

    Detail of a contemporary interior in Malvern Residence showcasing stone wall cladding and custom cabinetry with unique handle design.

    Choosing Your Engineered Stone Benchtop

    Discover the benefits of buying your stone benchtop from an Australian owned business with our simple 3 step process.


    Initial Contact: Whether you’ve seen something you like in one of our showrooms or simply online, the first step to beginning your MSM Stone journey is reaching out to one of our friendly team members. Call 03 9794 6754, send us an email, or pop into your nearest showroom, and share your thoughts or plans for any project of any size.


    Consultation and Selection: We’ll discuss your requirements and preferences for the space you’re working with. One of our MSM Stone representatives will go through the plans or designs for your project to help you find the stone colour and material that best suits your needs, or help you come up with a new aesthetic and suggest the best stone products for your space.


    Quotation: Based on your specifications for stone material, shape and size, MSM Stone will prepare a detailed quotation. This quotation includes pricing for the supply of the materials, fabrication through our partnership with expert stonemasons, and the cost of installation for your custom stone product.


    Negotiation and Agreement: Once you’ve received your quotation, we’ll discuss pricing and terms to help decide whether you’re ready to proceed. If necessary, we can adjust the scope of the project to reach an agreeable price point until you’re happy. From there, we’ll get started on creating your very own dream stone product.


    Measurement: After finalising the agreement with MSM Stone, we’ll send in our team of measurers equipped with digital laser technology to your property’s location to take precise measurements of the installation area. These measurements will ensure complete accuracy in the fabrication and installation process.


    Fabrication: With measurements in hand, our trusted partners at MSM Stone will begin the fabrication process. Highly skilled craftsmen will cut and fabricate the stone countertop or other stone product you’ve selected, according to the precise measurements and design specifications custom to your needs. 


    Installation: Once we’ve brought your visionary creation into physical reality, MSM Stone’s in-house team will take charge of installing the finished stone product at your location. We’ll work to ensure a perfect fit and finish that’s tailor-made to your home or workplace. What’s more, we’ll seal your natural stone products, to keep your stone from staining.


    Completion and Guarantee: After your stone product has been installed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments or finishing touches. Aside from this, MSM Stone offers a guarantee on the quality of our materials used, as well as our manufacturing and installation processes. We make sure every customer feels satisfied from the initial enquiry to the final outcome.

    Bespoke Stone Wall Cladding For Buildings In Melbourne

    Whether you’re designing a space in the middle of a concrete jungle, bringing some industrial chic into your living area or workspace, or seeking practical but stylish stone wall cladding for bathrooms, kitchens and more, MSM Stone cladding provides the perfect solution for Melbourne buildings.

    We don’t settle for anything but the best, which is why we’re happy to provide a warranty with all our stone wall cladding installations, as part of our promise to deliver absolute customer satisfaction.

    Discover stone cladding for exterior walls & interior design with our range of natural and engineered stone materials and their endless possibilities.

    porcelain stone wall cladding texture

    Porcelain wall cladding is often hard to distinguish from true stone walls, and its easy-to-clean nature makes it a perfect choice for interior walls in stylish family homes.


    For functional, stylish wall cladding, granite does it all. This material is a natural thermal insulator, sound absorber and moisture resistant, making it a highly popular, in-demand stone for cladding.


    Perfect for stone cladding for kitchen walls, marble has a groutless surface that resists bacteria splashed up from cooking. Give it a quick wipe to clean, and experience its longevity.

    sandstone wall cladding texture

    Make a sandstone statement with this highly durable material that’s perfect for stone cladding for exterior walls due to its weather and UV resistant properties.

    Luxury quartzite stone background.

    Offering a more affordable solution to traditional quartz, the silver-tinged hue of quartzite stone is often favoured as a sleek look for business and home wall exteriors.

    Our work speaks for itself

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    Melbourne Based Expert Stone Masons

    Discover the unmatched quality and expertise of MSM Stone, a leading partner of major Australian stone suppliers, where only the best will do. We offer a wide range of premium natural stone products and services at truly affordable prices.

    Committed to excellence, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to your unique design needs. Whether for residential or commercial projects, MSM Stone combines cutting-edge technology with skilled craftsmanship to deliver stunning results.

    But don’t forget about our other amazing products! We have an extensive selection of beautiful stone fireplaces, stone benchtops for kitchens, and stone dining and outdoor tables too – perfect for adding warmth and character to your exterior living space.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best stone for external stone wall cladding?

    Due to its natural properties granite is often chosen as the best stone for wall cladding for exterior walls. It keeps moisture and noise out, and heat in.

    What is the best stone for internal stone wall cladding?

    Marble is often regarded as a highly hygienic and beautiful stone for homes and interior spaces, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Other stone preferences will depend on your interior vision.

    Who instals stone wall cladding?

    MSM Stone instals stone cladding onto your building’s walls. We’ll help you work out your requirements and the ideal natural stone material, and be there every step of the way.

    How much does stone wall cladding cost?

    This depends on the size of the wall, and installation costs. To get a rough estimate or quote, get in touch with the MSM Stone team.

    Is stone wall cladding in style?

    Stone wall cladding is a timeless style that’s enjoying a renewed interest in interior design, due to its many practical and design benefits.

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