MSM Stone stays current, constantly taking on and streamlining various new projects. Projects both past and present are not limited to size. We service a wide variety of clients, ensuring our services are inclusive of all customers and their needs.

Our recent projects showcase our stonemason services throughout the home, apartment or project. We service both residential and commercial industries. MSM Stone utilises the natural stones’ versatility throughout a project to create a sense of unity and cohesion. Using stone brings in an organic element, warming up any space.

Our stonemason services are designed to exude elegance; however, they still endure the diversity of uses and are built for longevity. Working with a range of natural and reconstructed stone, our products provide variety and work in harmony with the aesthetic they’re placed within.

From the beginning stages of a project until the result, we listen to your wants and needs, taking on board concerns or considerations you might have. MSM Stone is a sounding board for ideas and inspiration to create custom designs. When working together, we’re passionate about guaranteeing that you get your desired result and have it produced with a flawless finish. Please enjoy viewing our recent projects as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.

Stone Masonry Projects

Our Beautiful & Luxurious Works




Nero goes beyond the expected and offers an opportunity to buyers with a taste for superior construction and exceptional attention to detail.


Luce are a collection of nine expansive apartments that offer the perfect balance between modern luxury and traditional elegance.

320 Plummer

The P.M. building is the tallest of all three, a slender, sculptural structure with wrap around flesh glazing covered in white lace.

Montague Square

134 Ferrars Street has been designed to accommodate a variety of different civic users while striving for maximum activation.

Rockley Garden

Facing Rockley Gardens, the lush garlanded facade softens the modern building creating a sense of allure and intrigue.

Princes St

Live like royalty in this brand-new townhouse, enviably located in the exclusive boutique development The Prince.

Marque Apartments

Standing before Marque the impression is one of awe, as though the entire building is carved from a single block of stone.

Habitus Apartments

Habitus presents crafted forms to construct a rich, fulfilling, and integrated living experience for its residents.

High Green Apartments

Highgreen elevates art-infused architectural excellence with a thoughtful sense of space and luxurious detail in harmony with its environment.

Aru Restaurant

Named after the islands that ancient seafarers frequented as part of the Indonesian-Australian route, Aru touches on early cooking techniques.




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