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Modern luxury apartment or charming rustic home; stone tables are able to spell out interior narratives with ease. Our MSM Stone custom stone tables promise to deliver exceptional manufacturing aligned to your unique vision. We offer comprehensive services, including stone table repair and stone table top replacement to ensure your tables remain as beautiful as the day they were installed. For indoor or outdoor use, function or pure aesthetic, unleash your creativity with our range of custom cut stone table tops to suit any room, in any venue.

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    Bespoke Custom Stone Tables For Melbourne Homes With Character

    Luxury stone furniture is not always easy to come by. But in Melbourne, rest assured that MSM Stone will guarantee the finest craftsmanship, manufacturing and installation services, promising excellence from start to finish, as stated in our excellence warranty.

    Ethical production is incredibly important to us too, which is why we’re proud to work exclusively with our trusted, ethical business partners and stone suppliers across Australia. Our custom stone tables include options for stone dining tables, stone coffee tables, and more. When you choose MSM Stone, you’re investing in a truly unique design, great customer service and high quality materials that is both sustainably sourced and fairly priced.

    Cozy living room with a white stone fireplace featuring a lit fire and a black interior. The room includes a striped sofa with patterned cushions, a pair of white woven coffee tables, and chairs with leather straps. Decorative plants and vases add a touch of greenery, and a wall-mounted lantern light fixture enhances the space's warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Choosing Your Uniquely Designed Custom Stone Tables

    Learn about the benefits of buying your stone tables from an Australian owned business with our simple 8 step process.


    Initial Contact: Whether you’ve seen something you like in one of our showrooms or simply online, the first step to beginning your MSM Stone journey is reaching out to one of our friendly team members. Call 03 9794 6754, send us an email, or pop into your nearest showroom, and share your thoughts or plans for any project of any size.


    Consultation and Selection: We’ll discuss your requirements and preferences for the space you’re working with. One of our MSM Stone representatives will go through the plans or designs for your project to help you find the stone colour and material that best suits your needs, or help you come up with a new aesthetic and suggest the best custom stone tables for your space.


    Quotation: Based on your specifications for stone material, shape and size, MSM Stone will prepare a detailed quotation. This quotation includes pricing for the supply of the materials, fabrication through our partnership with expert stonemasons, and the cost of installation for your custom stone table.


    Negotiation and Agreement: Once you’ve received your quotation, we’ll discuss pricing and terms to help decide whether you’re ready to proceed. If necessary, we can adjust the scope of the project to reach an agreeable price point until you’re happy. From there, we’ll get started on creating your very own dream stone product!


    Measurement: After finalising the agreement with MSM Stone, we’ll send in our team of measurers equipped with digital laser technology to your property’s location to take precise measurements of the installation area. These measurements will ensure complete accuracy in the fabrication and installation process.


    Fabrication: With measurements in hand, our trusted partners at MSM Stone will begin the fabrication process. Highly skilled craftsmen will cut and fabricate the stone countertop or other stone product you’ve selected, according to the precise measurements and design specifications custom to your needs.


    Installation: Once we’ve brought your visionary creation into physical reality, MSM Stone’s in-house team will take charge of installing the finished stone product at your location. We’ll work to ensure a perfect fit and finish that’s tailor-made to your home or workplace. What’s more, we’ll seal your natural stone products, to keep your stone from staining. We also offer stone table repair and stone table top replacement services for ongoing support.


    Completion and Guarantee: After your stone product has been installed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments or finishing touches. Aside from this, MSM Stone offers a guarantee on the quality of our materials used, as well as our manufacturing and installation processes. We make sure every customer feels satisfied from the initial enquiry to the final outcome.

    Durable Stone Tables To Elevate Your Dining & Living Space

    Discover expert craftsmanship and durable models that can blend in with your existing decor, or stand out as the most eye-catching feature in the room.

    Read below for some of the stone table styles we can supply for your home or workspace. And if that’s not exactly what you’re looking for – just tell us what is! We have fully customisable stone table options that we’ll be happy to discuss and work with you on.

    Dining room with a rectangular marble table featuring wooden legs, surrounded by matching wooden chairs with light-coloured cushions and a woven bench. The room has wooden flooring, large windows with sheer curtains, and a modern art piece on the wall, creating a bright and stylish atmosphere.

    For a premium dining experience, stone dining tables promise to elevate. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist design or a more traditional look, each stone table is carefully curated from the highest quality materials.

    Stone Coffee Table

    For timeless style in your living room or office, our sturdy stone coffee tables promise to live up to the demands of everyday use. Our beautiful stone coffee tables are ideal for entertaining guests, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee at the end of a long day.



    Our stone outdoor tables feature gorgeous finishes and high-quality craftsmanship to withstand the elements whilst making the perfect setting for outdoor get-togethers, entertainment and relaxation in your patio or garden.



    A side table can be with you for life, so why wouldn’t you want one made from luxurious marble, or another of our premium stone materials? Showcase your existing decor style or maximise your storage space with our custom cut stone table tops to fit your specific needs.

    Our work speaks for itself

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    Elegant conference room with a long marble table surrounded by black chairs. The room features modern lighting fixtures, large windows with sheer curtains, and walls adorned with framed photographs. The setting is sophisticated and designed for professional meetings.

    Expert Custom Stone Table and Masonry Services In Melbourne

    Here at MSM Stone, our custom stone tables are great for outdoor or indoor use. Whether you want to impress your clients with a stunning work of art that doubles as the centerpoint of a boardroom, to enhance the ambience with sleek stone dining tables in your restaurant or cafe, or to come home to a sense of refined luxury with elegant stone side tables and coffee tables, we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

    Choose from porcelain tables to compliment the stone vanity in your bathroom, granite tables to match your stone kitchen benchtops, or marble tables to pair with your exquisite natural stone fireplaces. Or, mix and match your stone materials for a completely contemporary look that challenges the boundaries of interior design with stone wall claddings.

    We’ll be working with you from your initial consultation to post-installation, making sure we provide high-quality stone solutions tailored to your home or workspace that you’re perfectly happy with from start to finish.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I clean a natural stone table?

    Natural stone tables are easy to take care of. The best way to clean a natural stone table is with a soft, damp cloth or microfiber mop. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbing tools that could potentially damage the stone surface. It’s important to regularly dust and wipe down your stone table to prevent buildup that can dull the surface over time. Some types of stone may require specialised cleaning methods, so be sure to ask our MSM Stone experts.


    How do I look after my stone table?

    Caring for your stone table will help it look beautiful for years to come, by extending its useful life and keeping it looking its best. Dust your table regularly with a soft cloth, clean up spills as soon as they occur, and avoid scratching or scraping the surface. You should also reseal your stone table – our MSM experts can tell you how often this should be done, depending on the stone material.


    Are stone tables expensive?

    Stone tables can become expensive, depending on the type of stone used and the design and finishing details. However, stone tables are often considered an investment piece due to their high quality construction and long-lasting nature. Contact us with your specific requirements and our friendly team will be happy to help find a budget-friendly option that works for you.

    Do you have to seal a stone table?

    We seal our stone tables to protect them from water absorption, and to prevent damage from spills and stains that can seep into the natural stone material. This is especially important for stone tables used for food and beverages. During the installation of your stone table, we will seal it for you.

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