Exquisite Marble Benchtops For Melbourne Homes & Businesses

Discover natural marble stone benchtops from MSM Stone, your high-end solution to durable kitchen and bathroom furniture, built to make a lasting impression.

Experience the cool surface of our marble material that makes it the perfect choice for professional and home chefs who require attractive, functional cooktops. Or, benefit from the luxury appeal of classic white marble features in modern apartments and luxury spaces, bringing a quality finish that adds commercial and aesthetic value to any property.

Find the perfect marble benchtop for your home or commercial venue today.

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    Why Choose Bathroom & Kitchen Marble Benchtops From MSM Stone

    If you’re looking for marble kitchen benchtops in Melbourne, or a marble stone benchtop or vanity for your bathroom, look no further than MSM Stone.

    We’re diligent in ethically sourcing our materials, and making sure we don’t waste any raw materials during the manufacturing process, so shop with us assured that you’re buying from a sustainable business.

    Our trusted suppliers around the world only provide us with the very best marble. These raw materials turn into our outstanding results for residences and interior designers across Melbourne who seek affordable but luxury furnishing solutions inspired by the natural world.

    Restaurant interior at Aru showcasing a sleek design with kitchen marble benchtops and modern wooden seating along a polished, open kitchen.

    Choosing Your Kitchen Marble Benchtops

    Discover the benefits of buying your stone benchtop from an Australian owned business with our simple 3 step process.


    Initial Contact: Whether you’ve seen something you like in one of our showrooms or simply online, the first step to beginning your MSM Stone journey is reaching out to one of our friendly team members. Call 03 9794 6754, send us an email, or pop into your nearest showroom, and share your thoughts or plans for any project of any size.


    Consultation and Selection: We’ll discuss your requirements and preferences for the space you’re working with. One of our MSM Stone representatives will go through the plans or designs for your project to help you find the stone colour and material that best suits your needs, or help you come up with a new aesthetic and suggest the best stone products for your space.


    Quotation: Based on your specifications for stone material, shape and size, MSM Stone will prepare a detailed quotation. This quotation includes pricing for the supply of the materials, fabrication through our partnership with expert stonemasons, and the cost of installation for your custom stone product.


    Negotiation and Agreement: Once you’ve received your quotation, we’ll discuss pricing and terms to help decide whether you’re ready to proceed. If necessary, we can adjust the scope of the project to reach an agreeable price point until you’re happy. From there, we’ll get started on creating your very own dream stone product!


    Measurement: After finalising the agreement with MSM Stone, we’ll send in our team of measurers equipped with digital laser technology to your property’s location to take precise measurements of the installation area. These measurements will ensure complete accuracy in the fabrication and installation process.


    Fabrication: With measurements in hand, our trusted partners at MSM Stone will begin the fabrication process. Highly skilled craftsmen will cut and fabricate the stone countertop or other stone product you’ve selected, according to the precise measurements and design specifications custom to your needs.


    Installation: Once we’ve brought your visionary creation into physical reality, MSM Stone’s in-house team will take charge of installing the finished stone product at your location. We’ll work to ensure a perfect fit and finish that’s tailor-made to your home or workplace. What’s more, we’ll seal your natural stone products, to keep your stone from staining.


    Completion and Guarantee: After your stone product has been installed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments or finishing touches. Aside from this, MSM Stone offers a guarantee on the quality of our materials used, as well as our manufacturing and installation processes. We make sure every customer feels satisfied from the initial enquiry to the final outcome. 

    Types Of Marble Textures For Benchtops

    Whatever home renovation project or interior design style you have in mind, we can ensure that all our stone benchtops are of highest quality. We source marble from our reliable suppliers in all kinds of colours and patterns, each abiding to the same high-quality standards that form part of our excellence guarantee.


    You’ll find it in art statues and sculptures, and now you can have carrara marble in your home, with this stunning benchtop material.

    Close-up view of calacatta marble benchtops featuring a pristine white surface with bold grey veining.

    One of the rarest, purest whites of marble materials, choose calacatta marble mined from the Tuscan Mountains in Italy for your benchtop.

    Close-up view of statuario marble benchtop texture featuring a pristine white surface with elegant grey and gold veining.

    This beautiful white marble is polished and compact, making it a perfect choice for your bathroom stone benchtops.

    Close-up view of nero marquina marble benchtop texture featuring a deep black surface with striking white veining.

    Embrace a monochromatic style with this deep, rich black marble stone, enriched with fine white intricacies to add depth to your benchtop.

    Close-up view of emperador marble texture featuring rich brown tones with intricate golden veining.

    For classic and mid-century design projects, the calm, brooding brown tones of emperador marble benchtops are the perfect choice.

    Close-up view of crema marfil marble texture featuring warm beige tones with intricate natural patterns.

    This Spanish cream marble with warm, beige undertones offers neutral elegance to fit in seamlessly with any existing interior.

    Close-up view of breccia marble texture featuring light beige tones with intricate natural patterns and subtle veining.

    This Spanish cream marble with warm, beige undertones offers neutral elegance to fit in seamlessly with any existing interior.

    Close-up view of pietra grey marble texture featuring a dark grey surface with striking white veining.

    This sophisticated grey marble is interspersed with delicate white detailing to add a point of difference to your stone benchtop.

    Close-up view of thassos marble texture featuring a pure white surface with soft grey veining.

    Experience the glowing strength of thassos marble, ideal for interior projects that want to make a powerful luxury statement

    Close-up view of arabescato marble texture featuring a white surface with subtle grey and pink veining.

    Flip the switch with a striking arabescato marble pattern for a decadent benchtop in your kitchen or bathroom.

    Close-up view of verde alpi marble texture featuring a rich green surface with intricate white veining.

    Choose ocean or jade green marble for your home to bring the outside in, and fill your space with a calming, grounded essence

    rosso levanto marble texture

    The rich red marble of rosso levanto will bring sophistication to any room in the form of a burgundy stone benchtop.

    Our work speaks for itself

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    MSM Stone Marble Benchtop Restorations & Ongoing Care

    We want our products to keep you happy for many years to come. To help us meet our promise of delivering high-quality products with high-quality craftsmanship, there are some ways you can look after your marble stone benchtop.

    Re-sealing is important. Due to the porous nature of marble, scratches, stains and water can seep into the material. We seal all our stone benchtops to prevent this damage, but over time the seal will wear away and become less effective.

    When cleaning your marble stone benchtop, all you need to use is warm, soapy water. Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaning products, as these can affect the marble’s natural pattern.

    To prevent scratches and stains, use coasters and furniture pads. If your marble stone benchtop does get damaged, MSM Stone can provide professional restoration and repair for marble benchtops.

    Get your quote today about our marble stone benchtops for Melbourne homes, or inquire directly about our stone marble benchtop restorations service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I clean and maintain marble benchtops?

    You can clean and maintain marble benchtops with warm water and ordinary soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly to prevent water damage. Don’t use lemon, vinegar or other acidic cleaning solutions, which can be abrasive.

    How often should I seal my marble benchtops?

    You only need to seal your marble benchtops once every 15 years, if you’re using a high-quality sealer. However, sealing your marble benchtop makes the stone more stain-resistant, though not stain-proof.

    How do I remove tough stains from marble benchtops?

    For tough stains such as oil-based or food stains, mix up a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You can add a few drops of ammonia for particularly stubborn stains.

    Can scratches on marble benchtops be repaired?

    Light scratches on marble benchtops can often be repaired, or buffed out with dry steel wool. For deeper scratches, we recommend contacting MSM Stone for professional marble benchtop restoration assistance.

    How do I protect my marble benchtops from damage?

    To protect your marble benchtops from damage, use furniture pads and coasters on surfaces. Consider choosing a matte or honed finish for increased durability of your benchtop.

    How do I know if my marble benchtop is properly sealed?

    To test if your marble benchtop is properly sealed, put a few drops of water on the surface. If the water beads up, the seal is intact. If the water is absorbed and leaves a dark stain, your marble benchtop has not been properly sealed.

    What are the main disadvantages of marble benchtops?

    The main disadvantage of marble benchtops is their porosity, which makes them susceptible to staining and scratching. This is why we recommend sealing your benchtops to protect them from damage.

    Can marble benchtops be repaired if damaged?

    Yes, professionals can often repair damaged marble benchtops, whether to remove stubborn stains, or to fix a broken seal.

    What marble colours and patterns are trending for benchtops?

    Classic grey and white are ever-popular colour choices, whilst veined patterns are becoming more trendy for marble benchtops. For more personalised, distinctive kitchen designs, red, green and blue marbles create a bolder, trendy look.

    What are some alternatives to marble if it doesn't suit my needs?

    Alternatives to marble for your benchtop include engineered stone, porcelain, and other natural stones like granite or quartzite. These materials offer similar aesthetics, as well as increased durability or lower maintenance​.

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