Stunning Natural Stone Fireplace Installation

Enter into a home that is all at once luxurious, inviting, and a point of conversation. Stone veneer fireplaces add the opulence of stone furniture without the high price point. Our stone fireplace installation services are designed to integrate and elevate your home or commercial venue with minimal fuss.

Add a warm touch to your outdoor space, or introduce an indoor custom stone fireplace to become the focal point of your living room. Enquire about finding yours with MSM Stone today.

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    Melbourne’s Finest Modern Stone Fireplaces

    Our team of experienced stone fireplace builders has been helping homeowners, interior designers, renovators, and luxury home buyers across Melbourne create stunning custom stone fireplace designs that are as durable as they are beautiful additions to your home.

    Stone fireplaces are the perfect example of form and function in interior design; with their aesthetic appeal matched by their easy maintenance and long-lasting nature.

    At MSM Stone, we’re here to make your visions come to life, whatever they may look like. And to further sweeten the deal, we happily provide all our customers with a warranty to guarantee excellence in the craftsmanship, manufacturing, and stone fireplace installation service.

    Cozy living room with a white stone fireplace featuring a lit fire and a black interior. The room includes a striped sofa with patterned cushions, a pair of white woven coffee tables, and chairs with leather straps. Decorative plants and vases add a touch of greenery, and a wall-mounted lantern light fixture enhances the space's warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Choosing Your Custom Stone Fireplaces

    Discover the benefits of buying your stone fireplaces from an Australian owned business with our simple 8 step process.


    Initial Contact: Whether you’ve seen something you like in one of our showrooms or simply online, the first step to beginning your MSM Stone journey is reaching out to one of our friendly team members. Call 03 9794 6754, send us an email, or pop into your nearest showroom, and share your thoughts or plans for any project of any size.


    Consultation and Selection: We’ll discuss your requirements and preferences for the space you’re working with. One of our MSM Stone representatives will go through the plans or designs for your project to help you find the stone colour and material that best suits your needs, or help you come up with a new aesthetic and suggest the best stone products for your space.


    Quotation: Based on your specifications for stone material, shape and size, MSM Stone will prepare a detailed quotation. This quotation includes pricing for the supply of the materials, stone fireplace fabrication through our partnership with expert stonemasons, and the cost of installation for your custom stone fireplace.


    Negotiation and Agreement: Once you’ve received your quotation, we’ll discuss pricing and terms to help decide whether you’re ready to proceed. If necessary, we can adjust the scope of the project to reach an agreeable price point until you’re happy. From there, we’ll get started on creating your very own dream stone product!


    Measurement: After finalising the agreement with MSM Stone, we’ll send in our team of measurers equipped with digital laser technology to your property’s location to take precise measurements of the installation area. These measurements will ensure complete accuracy in the fabrication and installation process.


    Fabrication: With measurements in hand, our trusted partners at MSM Stone will begin the fabrication process. Highly skilled craftsmen will cut and fabricate the stone countertop or other stone product you’ve selected, according to the precise measurements and design specifications custom to your needs.


    Installation: Once we’ve brought your visionary creation into physical reality, MSM Stone’s in-house team will take charge of stone fireplace installation at your location. We’ll work to ensure a perfect fit and finish that’s tailor-made to your home or workplace. What’s more, we’ll seal your natural stone products, to keep your stone from staining. We also provide ongoing support, including stone fireplace repair and maintenance.


    Completion and Guarantee: After your stone product has been installed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments or finishing touches. Aside from this, MSM Stone offers a guarantee on the quality of our materials used, as well as our manufacturing and installation processes. We make sure every customer feels satisfied from the initial enquiry to the final outcome.

    Custom Stone Fireplaces at MSM Stone

    We know that every living room, restaurant venue or garden is as unique as those who call it home. Make it your own with a truly customised indoor or outdoor stone fireplace, as well as customisable sizing, shapes, stone materials and edge styles to choose from, for a unique design made for your home, and no one else’s.

    Check out our range of options for stone fireplace installation in Melbourne.

    Modern fireplace with a sleek design, featuring a wooden wall panel above and a marble base below. The fireplace area includes decorative stones and is set in a contemporary living space with a dark wood herringbone floor. The minimalist design emphasizes clean lines and natural materials.

    A modern stone fireplace can benefit from stone cladding to bring an element of timelessness into the design. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, rustic or traditional look, our team of stone fireplace experts can help you make the perfect choice.

    Modern fireplace with a tall, grey marble surround, flanked by two windows with black frames. The fireplace is set above a sleek black bench that runs along the length of the wall. The room has light wood flooring and a minimalist design, emphasizing clean lines and natural materials.

    A stone fireplace wall can instantly transform a room to make it more elegant and inviting. Our stone specialists can design and build custom stone fireplace walls tailored to your home’s style and décor, with our extensive selection of stone mantel materials.


    Modern fireplace with a stone surround, featuring a cozy fire and a stylish, contemporary design. The stonework adds a natural, rustic element to the sleek and elegant setting.

    A stone fireplace surround adds sophistication to any room. Our experienced stone fireplace installers will work with your existing style to create a fireplace surround that fits in perfectly with your home, whilst elevating the luxury feel.

    Our work speaks for itself

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    Working on your dream project or undertaking a renovation? We’ve got perfect stone
    solutions for all your needs. Get in touch today to discuss.

    Modern living room with a large window providing a view of the street and greenery outside. The room features a sleek fireplace set in a marble wall with built-in cabinets above. The space includes a beige sectional sofa, a black coffee table with decorative plants, and a green armchair.

    Experience The Quality Of MSM Stone's Craftsmanship

    Stone fireplaces are the perfect way to give any room a cosy, inviting ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a classic stone fireplace surround or something more modern with stone cladding or stacked stone fireplaces, MSM Stone can help create a custom stone fireplace perfect for you.

    Working with our trusted stone suppliers across Australia, you can guarantee the finest craftsmanship catered to your individual needs, for a home decor result that is truly statement-making.

    What’s more, all our natural stone materials are sustainably sourced. We’re conscious of the environmental impact our business has, which is why we work with trusted and ethical Australian-owned businesses to ensure we only engage in eco-friendly practices.

    Explore the timeless look of marble, the sturdiness of granite, the modern allure of quartzite, and all our other beautiful stone varieties for your stone hearth, with our completely customisable options and competitive stone fireplace installation cost to match.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to install a stone fireplace?

    Fireplace installation costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our team of stone specialists can provide an accurate quote for your project after assessing your needs, and taking into account any extra work that may be required.

    Which natural stone material is best for fireplaces?

    The type of stone you choose for your fireplace will depend on your personal preferences. We have a variety of stones available including marble, granite, neolith, and engineered stone. Marble will create a more sleek finish, whilst engineered stone can give the appearance of an ultra-contemporary space.

    How do you clean a stone fireplace?

    Cleaning a stone fireplace is best done with warm water and mild soap. For optimum stone fireplace maintenance, avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the surface of the stone. Our experts will provide detailed advice on how to clean your stone fireplace during your installation.

    Can you mount a TV on a stone fireplace?

    Yes, you can mount a TV on a stone fireplace, To ensure the utmost stability, securely cement your screws with anchors before you hang up your television. You can also consult our team of stone specialists who will be able to ensure your TV is securely mounted without damaging the stone surface or risking it falling.

    How do I clean smoke stains off a stone fireplace?

    The best way to clean smoke stains off a stone fireplace is to use a mixture of baking soda, water, and vinegar. Mix the ingredients together and apply it directly onto the stain. Leave it for a few minutes before scrubbing with a damp cloth or sponge.

    Do you have to seal a stone fireplace?

    Sealing a stone fireplace is vital to protect it from staining, as well as preventing moisture damaging the naturally porous material. After applying the sealer, buff it with a dry cloth to help it absorb into the surface. We will seal the product for you during our stone fireplace installation.

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