Exquisite Stone Benchtops Installation And Repair Services In Melbourne

For the budding interior designer who fancies themselves as the next big thing in home decor, look no further than MSM stone benchtops. For your property, workplace, or development, make a statement with stone from these exquisitely crafted designs at equally impressive prices. Whether you are installing stone benchtops for the first time or need stone benchtop repair services, MSM Stone has you covered.

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    Why Choose MSM Stone For Stone Benchtop Installation & Repair?

    We also offer stone benchtop maintenance services to keep your benchtops in pristine condition. Our genuine, hand-crafted natural stone benchtops have been beautifully engineered to deliver perfect and practical long-lasting results for your home. When you go with MSM stone, you’ll also benefit from our warranty, which guarantees quality craftsmanship, manufacturing and installation.

    For kitchen stone benchtops, natural stone is an ideal approach to matching style with functionality. The easy-to-clean nature of stone benchtops saves you from scrubbing, and our friendly team will expertly seal your benchtop to make sure it’s safe from stains.

    If you need any assistance with stone benchtop repair, our team is here to help. Whether it is about renovating your bathroom or reinventing your kitchen, our stone countertop installation services will enhance your space into a personal haven for a spot of well-deserved rest and rejuvenation.

    Modern kitchen with a sleek stone benchtops, featuring a seamless integration with cabinetry and a minimalist design.

    Choosing Your Engineered Stone Benchtop

    Discover the benefits of buying your stone benchtop from an Australian owned business with our simple 3 step process.


    Initial Contact: Whether you’ve seen something you like in one of our showrooms or simply online, the first step to beginning your MSM Stone journey is reaching out to one of our friendly team members. Call 03 9794 6754, send us an email, or pop into your nearest showroom, and share your thoughts or plans for any project of any size.


    Consultation and Selection: We’ll discuss your requirements and preferences for the space you’re working with. One of our MSM Stone representatives will go through the plans or designs for your project to help you find the stone colour and material that best suits your needs, or help you come up with a new aesthetic and suggest the best stone products for your space.


    Quotation: Based on your specifications for stone material, shape and size, MSM Stone will prepare a detailed quotation. This quotation includes pricing for the supply of the materials, fabrication through our partnership with expert stonemasons, and the cost of installation for your custom stone product.


    Negotiation and Agreement: Once you’ve received your quotation, we’ll discuss pricing and terms to help decide whether you’re ready to proceed. If necessary, we can adjust the scope of the project to reach an agreeable price point until you’re happy. From there, we’ll get started on creating your very own dream stone product!


    Measurement: After finalising the agreement with MSM Stone, we’ll send in our team of measurers equipped with digital laser technology to your property’s location to take precise measurements of the installation area. These measurements will ensure complete accuracy in the fabrication and installation process.


    Fabrication: With measurements in hand, our trusted partners at MSM Stone will begin the fabrication process. Highly skilled craftsmen will cut and fabricate the stone countertop or other stone product you’ve selected, according to the precise measurements and design specifications custom to your needs.


    Installation: Once we’ve brought your visionary creation into physical reality, MSM Stone’s in-house team will take charge of installing the finished stone product at your location. We’ll work to ensure a perfect fit and finish that’s tailor-made to your home or workplace. What’s more, we’ll seal your natural stone products, to keep your stone from staining. We also offer stone benchtop maintenance services to keep your benchtops looking as good as new.


    Completion and Guarantee: After your stone product has been installed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments or finishing touches. Aside from this, MSM Stone offers a guarantee on the quality of our materials used, as well as our manufacturing and installation processes. We make sure every customer feels satisfied from the initial enquiry to the final outcome.

    Bespoke Stone Benchtop Installation For Homes In Melbourne

    Our exciting range of exclusive designs are made in partnership with some of our trusted suppliers, developing the finest stone benchtops for Australian homes.

    With our selection of stone benchtops available in granite, marble, dekton and neolith, you can upgrade your living or workspace with beautiful, sustainably sourced natural stone materials.

    Browse our range of stones and styles below to pick out your own unique statement.

    Modern dining area featuring marble benchtops, wooden stools, and shelves displaying jars of preserves.

    Opt for a classic marble benchtop, renowned for its timeless design thanks to its ability to withstand the rigours of daily use in your bathroom or kitchen.

    granite stone benchtop

    Our granite benchtops boast a high-gloss finish, as well as highly practical scratch and heat resistance, making them the perfect choice for a kitchen stone benchtop.

    Modern kitchen interior featuring a sleek Dekton stone benchtop with a marble-like finish, complemented by black cabinets and wooden bar stools.

    Our dekton stone benchtops promise an exquisite aesthetic, composed from no less than 20 materials to maximise its properties, including glass, quartz and porcelain, for a truly mesmerising look.

    limestone benchtop from msm stone

    Experience the serene elegance of a limestone benchtop, ideal for adding a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen or bathroom. Renowned for its subtle hues and unique textures, limestone offers both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

    porcelain benchtops msm stone

    Porcelain is a highly versatile natural stone material, perfect for outdoor barbeque solutions due to its durability, heat and weather resistance.

    Our work speaks for itself

    Tell Us About Your Project!

    Working on your dream project or undertaking a renovation? We’ve got perfect stone
    solutions for all your needs. Get in touch today to discuss.

    Bright kitchen interior with prominent stone benchtops, accentuated by sleek design elements and ample lighting at avenue rise.

    Stone Benchtop Installation & Repair With Melbourne’s Leading Stone Masons

    We want to make sure we’re always at the forefront of pushing design boundaries, whilst guaranteeing practical solutions for home use and workspaces. With an Australian business like MSM Stone, you’ll find sustainability and exquisite craftsmanship at the heart of what we do.

    We work with trusted partners to responsibly source our natural stone materials, before we turn them into works of art you can have in the heart of your home or venue, for truly reasonable prices. We offer stone wall claddings, stone bathroom vanities, stone tables and stone fireplaces as well.

    Excellence defines our stone masonry services in Melbourne. Through a combination of top-tier materials, gifted artisans and elite stone suppliers, MSM Stone can make your interior decor dreams come true with our stone benchtops in Melbourne.

    Beyond installing stone benchtops, we offer expert stone benchtop repair and stone benchtop maintenance services. Our skilled team ensures your benchtop remains pristine, with regular care preserving its beauty and functionality.

    Let MSM Stone guide you through selecting, installing, and maintaining your dream benchtops, guaranteeing a seamless experience. For all your stone countertop installation needs, MSM Stone has you covered.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are stone benchtops worth it?

    Stone benchtops are non-porous, scratch-resistant, hard-wearing, and built to last. They’re a worthy investment that will add significant value and style to any home, business or space.

    Which stone should I use for my benchtops?

    If you’re after all-round durability, choose granite or porcelain. Porcelain is our most heatproof stone, and granite is one of the strongest natural materials.

    Are stone benchtops heat resistant?

    Stone benchtops are heat resistant but not heat proof. Therefore, we recommend avoiding putting hot things directly onto your stone benchtop. If you’re looking for a heatproof option, have a look at MSM Stone’s porcelain range of benchtops.

    Do stone benchtops stain?

    Unless sealed correctly, stone benchtops will stain from food and liquid. Upon installation, MSM Stone will seal your stone benchtop for you, to ensure its longevity. Every 2-5 years after this, the seal must be reapplied.

    Can you use bleach to clean stone benchtops?

    No. Due to stone benchtops being a natural material, using bleach to combat a stain will have the opposite effect. Stone benchtops need minimum care, so avoid using harsh chemicals to treat them.

    How do I look after my MSM stone benchtop?

    We recommend resealing it every 2 – 5 years to prevent the introduction of stains on your benchtop. Use a damp sponge or cloth with a mild detergent to clean it, wiping down after each use or when needed. Avoid abrasive and excessive scrubbing.

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