Benefits of Using Natural Or Engineered Stones for Wall Paneling

In past years, both exterior and interior stone walls of homes and commercial buildings were clad, or covered, in whole stones, often from the local area. The basic structural wall was built of blocks or made of poured concrete. Then a veneer or covering of attractive stone was added to this basic walling with the use of mortar. These whole stones were quite heavy and cumbersome, creating a weighty wall. The stone veneer or paneling used for wall cladding today can look either smooth or uniform, or like a series of stones, according to the property owner’s preferences. Porcelain cladding is one such versatile option home owners are preferring.

Although the decorative face of the stone wall looks natural, the paneling is merely 3 to 5 inches in thickness. This veneer is lightweight enough so that it can stay attached to the basic concrete or wooden wall behind it. This relatively thin stone paneling virtually cuts the wall’s cost in half when compared to the expense of a wall built of individual stones. Costs for transporting the stone to the construction site are also reduced by one-half due to the impressive reduction in weight when using stone paneling. How do you instal stone wall claddings? Leave it to the experts here at MSM Stone in Dandenong! Today, the major question for property owners is whether to install natural stone veneer or engineered stone paneling on walls.

Major Advantages of Using Natural or Engineered Stone for Wall Paneling

Important advantages to choosing either natural or engineered stone for wall paneling today include the following:

Advantages of Natural Stone

• Natural stone veneer will not be damaged by most natural or artificial wall cleaners or polishes, while some engineered stone paneling can be.

• Natural stone wall paneling is preferable to engineered stone veneer in indoor or outdoor swimming or decorative pool areas since water that is treated or cleaned with use of natural or artificial chemical purifiers may discolor or damage the surfaces of engineered stone paneling.

• If installed on walls near natural whole stone walls surrounding outdoor gardens, yards or terraces, natural stone wall paneling is best because it will blend with and complement the whole stones easily, while the engineered veneer may appear artificial in comparison.

• Natural stone wall paneling made from local boulders and stone formations will be easily recognizable as true to the local terrain by your friends, neighbors and anyone from your community, and engineered paneling will be easy to identify as manufactured stone.

Advantages of Engineered Stone

• Engineered stone is known as a designer’s dream since there is a type of manufactured stone that is completely compatible for pairing with any style of exterior or interior design and decor today.

• Use of engineered stone is significantly more cost-effective than using most natural stone wall paneling due to its lighter weight and lower delivery costs.

• If the underlying structural, or substrate, walling to be clad with paneling is a wooden wall, using engineered stone veneer is best due to its lesser weight, which will put less stress on the substrate walling.

• The top-rated producers of engineered stone use molds made of natural stone as well as subtle surface painting of panel finishes to ensure that the manufactured stone veneer looks like authentic stone.

Wondering how stone cladding is done? Want to know how much stone cladding costs? Interested in updating your stone fireplace mantels and surrounds? When you contact our natural stone experts at the Melbourne Stone Mason Group in Dandenong, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, product selections and professional installation services for your natural stone wall paneling at home or for your commercial property. Our optimal quality enterprise is Australia’s largest dedicated stone mason group, and our top-tier team is prepared to assist you with the best choice and installation of natural stone wall paneling currently available. Our experts can also advise you about the pros and cons of using engineered stone for your wall paneling project.  Contact our natural stone experts today via the company website at

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