Stone Fireplaces Melbourne

Stacked Stone Fireplaces & More

A stone fireplace will add class and comfort to any home or space in which it's installed. An indoor stone fireplace during Melbourne's colder months is an absolute must, as stone retains heat more effectively than brick or concrete.

Here at MSM Stone, we install stone fireplaces in Dandenong, Melbourne and surrounds - to ensure you survive the colder months with ease and comfort.

Our stone fireplaces are made of only the highest quality materials and are installed by industry experts, guaranteeing you many years of enjoyment.

Whether you'd like a modern stone fireplace or a more traditional style to suit your space, MSM Stone have you covered with a wide range of designs to choose from. We work with a variety of materials, so we can bring your idea of a granite or marble stone fireplace to life.

If you have some stone fireplace ideas you'd like to run past us or receive a quote for, or have any other questions, contact us today!


Marble and granite are the best stone for fireplaces for three main reasons: they have great tolerance of heat; are incredibly durable and scratch resistant; and are unlikely to chip or crack.
Yes! The best stones to use for refacing a fireplace are marble, granite, quartz and slate due to their resistance to heat.
There are many ways you can change the look of your fireplace, such as refacing it with stone or a different type of stone, polishing, or to remodel it completely to better match the room it’s in.

MSM Stone specialises in Marble, Granite, Dekton, Neolith and Reconstituted Stone Benchtops.